Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

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Re: Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

David Iliff wrote:

But that's not the point. Artists have many choices about how to market their work. They CHOOSE to display it in a public art show, and when they do that, have no choice but to accept that it's in public and they have no right to control what people do in public. I am somewhat sympathetic to the artists, of course, but I'm more sympathetic of the rights of photographers.

It is simply not fair to expect others to do what you want them to do, just because you've paid for a stall in a show. If it's such a problem, they should hold their stalls in public. In any case, if someone wanted to copy a product or a design, they don't have to take a photo. They have a brain, they can remember what it looks like.

Hey, maybe the idiot on the booth should put up a sign saying "NO STEPHEN WILTSHIRE'S"


The guy is amazing - all done from memory!!!

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