Another EM-5 vs DSLR thread (what would you do?)

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Re: Another EM-5 vs DSLR thread (what would you do?)

Hi, very good analisys..

ChinaM43User wrote:

-Given that you say you will be using the flash a lot, I would think that the Nikon wins in that respect.

I don't know, I haven't had the possibility to test what happens with m43 when trying to do what is easy with CLS: in a normal white ceiling room, 1 flash as primary on the subject and another, remote, at 60+ degrees from the other at reduced power - CLS never fails with spot metering on a face. I tried the E-P1 with the Oly flash and it did a good job, I count on doing soon some tests with the em-5. I don't think the onboard flash of the Oly system can contribute to the exposure as the nikon bodies after the d70 do, though . In any case, I use M and spot with flash sometimes even for fill-in.

-For general street photography, the Olympus wins with better exposure, nicer colors, and being more discrete (while being lighter as well).

Definitely, this is the main reason for changing camera "concept"

-However, you lose the OVF, and whether you prefer OVF or EVF is also very personal. I personally do not like EVF in any camera I have seen so far (especially when used in dark environments, maybe this is partly because I have good night vision and what I get in the EVF is always noisy and less detailed that what I can see through an OVF (let alone with my own eyes without the OVF).

My eyesight is not THAT great, I'd like to use some manual focus every now and then but on the dim d70 ovf it has never been comfortable, not even a f 1.4. I do get along with decent evf, also because the mf magnification should make it possible to use nikon lenses on the em-5 I guess

About Flash on my EPL1 vs. Multiple DSLRs:

I don't know whether the situation has changed with the EM5, but the EPL1 is > much more difficult to get good flash pictures with vs. the Canon and Nikon
DSLRs I have used. The issues include:

-In truly dim lighting, the flash cannot be use to assist focus very well with CDAF, a DSLR with its PDAF can strobe the flash for a fraction of a second, focus and then fire. This does not work well on any micro 4/3 camera I have tried

as I said above, more experiments on the em-5 are needed.

-For direct fill flash, the color of the light from the flash and the white balance settings don't work as well on the EPL1 vs a DSLR

this may be improved in higher end m43 bodies, I hope

-When set to aperture priority mode, the way the exposure is set with the flash is much less intuitive on the EPL1 vs the DSLR I have tried. The DSLR will expose for the background, but the EPL1 exposes primarily for flash. This gives me bad pictures unless I use manual settings with the flash.

same as above..

Thanks a million

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