Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

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Re: Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

Larry Berman wrote:

Here's the thing. Sandy had it right. I've been doing art shows for over 30 years and copying has always been a problem. Now that the down sliding economy is effecting the art shows, artists are a lot more sensitive to things that may effect their bottom line.

As for the blanket right to point your camera at what ever you choose, there seems to be a lack of common sense in this discussion. The artists pay a lot of money for their 10x10 space. For the amount of time the event is happening, it's their property and they expect the same courtesy as if you came into their home.

But that's not the point. Artists have many choices about how to market their work. They CHOOSE to display it in a public art show, and when they do that, have no choice but to accept that it's in public and they have no right to control what people do in public. I am somewhat sympathetic to the artists, of course, but I'm more sympathetic of the rights of photographers.

It is simply not fair to expect others to do what you want them to do, just because you've paid for a stall in a show. If it's such a problem, they should hold their stalls in public. In any case, if someone wanted to copy a product or a design, they don't have to take a photo. They have a brain, they can remember what it looks like.

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