GH3 is too long in coming

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Are people going nuts?

Is there something wrong with your GH1 that prevents you from taking photos with it? Is your wallet so heavy that you can't carry it anymore? You want to give Panasonic more money? Just send them a couple of thousand dollars. I'm sure they will be grateful. If you really need a "3", just write the number on your GH1 with a white marker.

I'm using an L1 for the time being and yes, the photos look very nice, thank you very much. The GH1 is at Panasonic, has been there for over 4 months now. I hope they'll eventually repair it but their customer service is so close to non-existent that I wonder why they bother at all. Buying a new camera every 12 or 18 month is of course what they would like me, you and everybody else to do, dumping the old ones since they're long "obsolete".

For some reason, they haven't introduced an "obsolescence chip" in their cameras yet, or maybe they have? Maybe that's what has happened with my GH1?

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