LX7 Announcement Coming July 17th - 1" sensor

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Re: LX7 Announcement Coming July 17th - 1" sensor

Yes, I get what I pay for.... I also hope that technology advances.

A better camera at the same price you said - isn't that exactly what we should expect 2 years later? A better camera for ~$250 more is not, in my mind, a better camera.

Does that mean I expect (vs. want - we all want) an RX100 at LX5 prices? No, but I expect an LX7, that is better than the LX5, at LX5 prices. With m4/3 the way it is today, a $650 P&S is useless to me.

snapshot09 wrote:

Currently, what other pocket size camera with a f/1.8 lens, larger than 1/1.7" sensor,and built in flash exists?

A better camera at the same price? So you want the price of a LX5, yet the specs of the RX100?

You get what you pay for.

Pootle2 wrote:

snapshot09 wrote:

Agree competition is a GOOD thing!

Glad to see Sony pushed the envelope with the RX100, Panasonic will likely be doing the same with the LX7, and look for Olympus too.

Sony didn't push the envelope.... they created a better camera at a higher price. If I can get a better camera at the same price I'll be excited.

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