Another EM-5 vs DSLR thread (what would you do?)

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Re: Another EM-5 vs DSLR thread (what would you do?)

-Given that you say you will be using the flash a lot, I would think that the Nikon wins in that respect.

-For general street photography, the Olympus wins with better exposure, nicer colors, and being more discrete (while being lighter as well).

-However, you lose the OVF, and whether you prefer OVF or EVF is also very personal. I personally do not like EVF in any camera I have seen so far (especially when used in dark environments, maybe this is partly because I have good night vision and what I get in the EVF is always noisy and less detailed that what I can see through an OVF (let alone with my own eyes without the OVF).

About Flash on my EPL1 vs. Multiple DSLRs:

I don't know whether the situation has changed with the EM5, but the EPL1 is much more difficult to get good flash pictures with vs. the Canon and Nikon DSLRs I have used. The issues include:

-In truly dim lighting, the flash cannot be use to assist focus very well with CDAF, a DSLR with its PDAF can strobe the flash for a fraction of a second, focus and then fire. This does not work well on any micro 4/3 camera I have tried

-For direct fill flash, the color of the light from the flash and the white balance settings don't work as well on the EPL1 vs a DSLR

-When set to aperture priority mode, the way the exposure is set with the flash is much less intuitive on the EPL1 vs the DSLR I have tried. The DSLR will expose for the background, but the EPL1 exposes primarily for flash. This gives me bad pictures unless I use manual settings with the flash.

Marcello Zini wrote:

Hi there

I kind of put photography on standby for a few years (no time) and now I'm finally about to get back to it (way more time than before) and upgrade my glorious d70. My interest is general/street photography and small events with careful use of multiple flash.
I have 2 paths to follow:

1. buy a d700 and keep using Nikon gear: flash, Tamron 28-75 2.8 and a few primes

2. buy an Olympus OMD EM-5 + Panasonic 12-35 2.8 to start and eventually the Oly-Pana dedicated flash system which I tried and works well.

If I go with choice #1, I have the advantage of the professional and professional looking tool and the few gear I already own;

If I go with #2, I have the convenience of the reduced size, (people less scared), the tiltable lcd, in body stabilization ecc - but, even with the grip on, it may look too small for formal assignments.

As far as image quality goes I think I could go with either (they don't seem to be that far) and the EVF is not that bad for me.

I know it sounds just like a boring rant, but I'd appreciate a word from somebody who had/has the same doubt

Thanks all
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