85mm f1.8G vs 60mm f2.8G

Started Jul 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: doesn't matter, 100/2 thrashes both

I figure you'll find a buyer pretty quick. I'll tell you this about the 85/1.8G though - distance is it's specialty. At distance, it's close to as sharp as it gets on a D800E. I seriously doubt the 100/2 would be much sharper. Different microcontrast and better bokeh - quite possibly, but purely from a sharpness standpoint, the 85/1.8G is very, very, very strong. I actually think for landscape it's the better option than even the legendary 85/1.4G, the latter I think is slightly more optimized towards closer in work. And as I've said before, with the D800E, it's ruthless, and will quite clearly tell you where your lenses are optimized and where they might not be. I frankly can't believe how incredible the files from that body are at base ISO though. Totally different territory than anything out there in DSLR land at this point in time. Luckily I only need/use the central focus point columns, so the funkiness on the edge AF sensors isn't a deal breaker for me. Still, nothing wrong with waiting some production line tweaking out before you make your move if you're still on the sidelines.


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