OM-D + Sigma 30mm = slow start up?

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Re: OM-D + Sigma 30mm = slow start up? - 2s for me

Have both the Sigma 19 and 30 (love these lenses for their clarity, cool focal lengths, and very fast AF). Just tested startup times. Avg. 2 sec for both. Compared this to one other lens, the Pany 14-42X, which was just hair under 1s.

Wake up from sleep was about same, ~ 2sec or a bit more.

Yes, Sigmas a bit slower. No, did not find the startup times quite as slow as your testing... could it be differences in the camera settings?

Regarding street/candids, I find battery life to be very good on OMD and I'm not afraid to keep it on for extended periods when I want to be ready at a moments notice, and the fast AF on the Sigmas cannot be beat in this scenario. Or, as another poster said, also helps to anticipate the action.

Regarding batteries, I now have 4 DSTE's which supposedly report power remaining properly, two Wasabi's which do not but are still very good quality, and the original Oly, plus mobile chargers, all for about the price of OEM or a little more, so am pretty well wired for power.

Have fun, and try out some different strategies of camera on, sleep time out, power off time out, etc. to see what works best with your new setup.
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