RX100: Leather Case (or non-Leather), special "Japan only" Editions?

Started Jul 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
Seamus Warren New Member • Posts: 20
Re: Seamus,

ParietalPenguin wrote:

What would you do with a lens cap? The lens closes by itself. And you want to put it in a fitted case? I don't understand.


Yeah, you're right. I'm a dummy. My mate suggested it but he - like I - appear to have forgotten the lens retracts and two doors slide shut. My mate is using a Fujifilm X100 with the fixed lens. D'oh!

I just backordered the Sony case at B&H PhotoVideo. Also ordered a Cokin CBAD701 Digi Shoe Filter Holder ("A" Series) and and A154 Grey Neutral Density (ND) 8x Resin Filter so I can hopefully slow down the shutter on the camera when wide open in broad daylight.

I would have ordered the 4x and 2x NDs too, but I want to make sure the "Shoe..." ahh "fits" so to speak, before I get more filters.

As far as I am aware, the Sony RX100 has no in-built ND filter and the lens has no thread for screw-in attachments, so on the advice of a friendly B&H support person, I'm giving the Cokin gear a try.

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