85mm f1.8G vs 60mm f2.8G

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Re: doesn't matter, 100/2 thrashes both

anotherMike wrote:

Tempting offer! I doubt you'll have problems moving it!

The truth is that the D800E purchase took the last of my allocated "gear fund" for this year. I've committed myself to making sure I also spend money traveling and shooting too.

The other thing is that as much as I like the Zeiss 100, for what I personally shoot, AF is a must-have at that focal length (since I do more than just landscape).


Thanks! If you change your mind (or happen to hit the lottery) within the next couple of weeks you know where the thread is. I'll be pretty busy with other things for awhile but will check back and will definitely post a sold message when that happens.

I'd like to try the new 85/1.8 G against the 85/1.8 AF-D at some further distances eventually (for DX and FX use) but even that could be delayed for some time. That shouldght give you a clue as to why the 100/2 is looking for a new home at this time...

I am curious on how the 100/2 it will do on a D800, I'm thinking I'll be reading about it instead of looking at the output firsthand however.

Thanks again, Mike.

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