Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

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Re: Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

DuaneV wrote:

I think its hilarious when this happens. MOST people dont like having their picture taken, thats just a fact. Add in the fact that someone, anyone, might walk by, snap a pic of them and keep going and do who-knows-what with it, and youll really get some annoyed at taking their pic.

I didn't take his picture. I took a photo of his booth from maybe 20 feet away.

If you have the balls to take someones picture even when you know they dont want it taken, have the balls to be a man and dont b*tch on an internet forum. Seriously.

I didn't take a picture of him. I just don't go around snapping pictures of random people.

To the people who say, "no tank tops, cell phones, tattoos, etc.", thats not even close to the same as someone who you dont know taking your pic. Its a REALLY lame cop-out at trying to justify doing what MIGHT be legal, but DEFINITELY isnt kosher with a lot of people.

Quote the law all you want, I know people who have gotten their teeth knocked out for doing this. Guess what: No law suit in the world is worth getting your teeth knocked out.

That certainly is true, but as I stated before I didn't see him.

Youre lucky all he did was scream at you. But youre right, you were definitely in the "right" and really showed him. You should try to find him and give him a link to this thread, I bet that'll really show him who's boss.

Not really interested because he was very rude. Now if he had asked in a nice tone of voice why I took a picture of his booth, I would have been nice back.

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