Panasonic ZS15 vs ZS19 - Who Has Used Both?

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: ZS15 Sample Shots - Compare to ZS19 - Erik

windmillgolfer wrote:

Impressive Erik, I've yet to see the TZ equivalent to theZS19 in the UK. In the last couple of days, we've just been carrying the TZ7 around Vegas and it has proved pretty good, including movies. I can see that the ZS19 could make a

Very good all purpose, super light travel camera. Even TZ7 + LX5 + FZ150 can be a pain at times, albeit much better than taking the dSLR. Stuart

Hi, Stuart,

Yep, I just got back from Japan with my ZS19 and I'm pretty happy with it - I do find that the touch screen occasionally takes pictures I didn't mean to, and I failed to notice & clean off a fingerprint on the lens which caused some flare, but that was my fault, not the camera's.

Overall, I'm still excited about this camera even after several thousand shots in just 3 weeks!


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