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Re: Just received Meike battery pack.... compatibilities ?

BeachnCruz wrote:

cosmicnode wrote:

AA batteries showing less than 50% charge.

Mike.... were your AA Batteries fully charged when your Camera LCD Battery charge level indicated only 50% ?

Is an RRStuff or Kirk L-Bracket/Plate compatible with the Meike Battery Pack Grip ?

Any chance of a Nikon BL-5 Battery Pack Cover fitting the Meike Grip so the more power packed Nikon En-El18 Battery could be used like accomplished when using the Nikon MB-D12 Battery Pack Grip ?

The set of AA nm-h rechargeable batteries I have are quite old and had not been used recently, they took a charge but I was not confident that they would be of any use. some appeared to charge to quickly others took a long time. they showed less than 1/2 charge on the Icon in the menu, but still fired at 6fps. I will soon get a new set of batteries to replace them.

I have just receiver a Markins camera plate for the D800 body, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Markins-P800U-Dovetail-Quick-Release-Camera-Plate-for-DSLR-Nikon-D800-D800E-/261045997692?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cc78dd07c

it's a superb fit on the body but a little to small for the battery pack , when tightened you can see a airgap between plate and pack. This may also be true of the Nikon battery pack.

I have a D2x and the en-el4 batteries have the same connectors as the Meike battery holders in the same position I also have the door from a mbd10 battery pack this with batteru is the same length as the Meike holder , I have slipped it into the battery pack and it would fit if the door shape was the same , however I do not know if the electronics of the battery and body are compatible. If someone has batteries from the D2X or D3 series and a D4 they would be able to compare the connectors shape and position. If these match its possible that either a door from the Nikon battery pack would fit or Meike would produce one. This battery is available for the D7000 mbd 11 battery pack. the connectors are in the wrong position but the manufacturer may produce batteries for the Meike grip.I think that all these cheap grips originate from the same factory and are produced with slight cosmetic variations for the several different re-sellers.


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