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Battery drain?

Have u experienced any battery drain when sitting idle? I had that problem with d300 Meiki grip. It would just drain away faster than just having it in the camera.

I thought that was absurd and defeated the purpose. Battery would be dead in a few days, as compared to being in the camera or by itself.
Let us know ur observations. Same goes for aa batteries.

cosmicnode wrote:

Just received the Meike battery pack from Hong Kong, 8 days delivery, not bad. No customs duty, the alignment pin is plastic, but not a problem . The battery holder takes 8 AA batteries, the fit of the batteries is very tight end to end, so there should not be a problem of poor connections between the individual AA cells. The En-EL 15 battery holder takes one battery and fits in with a gook click, it should not come free accidentally in your bag or in the grip. Fitting grip to body is OK with just a little flex between grip and body you cant feel it in use, all controls work as per Nikon settings, although they don't have the more solid feel and action of the Nikon controls, acceptable though. Both batteries show up together in the menu showing life and charge information. I have checked in DX mode that there are 6fps it fires at that rate and shows 6 fps in the rear info screen, so all is as advertised. this with AA batteise showing less than 50% charge. It feels comfortable in both horizontal and vertical positions. The bad news, not much, I would not like to rely on the tripod mount on the pack with a heavy lens fitted which did not have its own tripod foot.
For me it does exactly what it say's on the tin, and is good value for money.

If you look at the other grip the you will see that the area around the thumb grip is different. apparently it also takes 2 batteries though there does not seem to be room for two even back to back so this may be a mis-print , I wonder how these show up in the menu ?

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