650d vs 600d in the Studio Scene comparison

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Re: 650d vs 600d in the Studio Scene comparison

tymevest wrote:

You can compare several images side by side at http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM

Even here it is hard to make any call the focus points and lighting is not identical.

Go back and compare any ISO: 550 vs 650

Angle of light first look on the WB/focus disk one is shiney the other flat this shows the light is faling at different angles. and the 550 exposure is less than the 650 and 600 and it shows more than I would expect.

Detail look at the neck line fabric detail and sharpness so the 550 is a touch better. Now scroll down and look at the table and sleeve detail the 650 is a touch better.

Conclusion to me is focus points are not 100% the same plus the angle of light will change the micro contrast resulting in some areas looking sharper to the 550 and some to the 650. At minimum there has been no improvment from the 550 to the 650 in IQ.

Personal opinion is it is up a touch (minute at it) but it is better than my 7D (IQ only) and I stress my 7D, especially at lower ISO there is less noise/artifacts/Orange peel call it what you like in plain areas like sky

They are probably are done at different times. For the most accurate test, both cameras would have to be tested at the same time, with the same settings, and with the exact same lens.

Could not agree more not so much about the time as its a studio, time is not important butthe angle of the light changed wich is the sam as a diferent time of day.


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