Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

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Re: Just let them have their way with you

No doubt that photographing in public can be a confrontational activiity. Many pro photographers go by the rule of shoot first and answer questions later. I had a very uncomfortable run in with a lawyer type who demanded to know why I was photographing him in an outdoor drive in restaurant, even though I was 50 feet away.
He said his piece and stormed off like I had offended him in a grievous manner.

As others have suggested, I try to be polite when approached. I also carry a sample portfolio of 8.5 x 11's of my work with me in a backpack, with innocuos photos, in case anyone is curious about my intentions. When asked about what I do with my photos, I deflect the discussion by saying it's for a photography class assignment. When all else fails, just walk away rather than creating an incident.

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