Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Is it safe to by an S100?

I think Amazon reviews in particular would have a decent affect on them. If their flagship $450 P&S camera is only getting a 3.6 out of 5.0 (72%) with lots of bad reviews saying to stay away b/c of potential for getting a lens error, that would definitely put a dent in future sales and make them act.

Millions of people use Amazon reviews daily to see what they should buy, user experiences, etc. Heck, I even used it a lot this past month trying to decide what steam mop to buy it helped me avoid Shark brand for example with all the negative reviews and went with Bissell.

If not, why then would they not have recalled the S95 yet? It still rates very high on Amazon (4.4/5.0 so 88% approval rate) despite having many more lens errors. With the S95 having a 1 year headstart in sales, there are many more in the marketplace and many more lens errors than the S100 so far, but they haven't posted any recall notices on it as far as I know.

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I doubt reviews on Amazon would have much influence on a company like Canon. Seems more likely Canon was motivated by Sony's RX100 announcement, a camera that will likely put a serious dent in S100 sales. Seems too coincidental to me that Canon's lens error announcement came so soon after Sony's RX100 announcement, so Canon decides they'd better do what they could to repair the lens-error-damaged reputation of the S100 before the RX100 becomes available and cut their losses as much as possible.

My opinion of Canon is they respond only to competition once they feel they have the lead in a particular market and my cynical opinion is that if Sony had not announced the RX100 then Canon would not have admitted to the lens error problem and promised to fix it when it occurred. It might be too little too late since the RX100 looks like it might be a much better camera, but the Canon announcement is certainly reassuring to those of us who already own an S100. I suspect Canon is now frantically working on a model to best the RX100. S200?

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