Mini travel tripod for G1X

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Re: Mini travel tripod for G1X

jmagbita wrote:

any suggestions for a mini travel tripod for the G1X? Im traveling to europe next month and would like one esp. for night shots..

i'm leaning towards the Joby Micro 800 but concerned that it might sit the camera too low.. will the camera being so close to the ground or what ever other surface i find cause problems? ie force the camera to be aimed too high at a very sharp angle to avoid the ground from being in the pic? I imagine for raised surfaces i would have to be very close to the front edge to "clear" the surface as well..


I've been using a Manfrotto/Bogen 209 with a small Gitzo bh for at least 10 years for g-series and other small digicams. In a pinch I've used for video cams and full size slr with normal or wide lens. It's also great ot have to hold a microphone etc for piano recording, etc

Seems there is always a picnic table, car hood or roof, wall or trash can to put the minipods on...

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