Autofluorescent bug :D

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Re: Autofluorescent bug :D

René Schuster wrote:

Looks good but sounds like a lot of complicated hard work!

It is not too bad. Once the specimen is mounted (embedded in agarose) in the scanner and the exposure set the image acquisition is fully automatic. The back projection was quick and dirty and so was the Imaris work.

My "not-so-scientific" approach to a Gluehwuermchen from 7 years ago, with a 2MP UZI and maybe an MCON-40:

You just need another 398 captures...


EDIT: Funny, first I tried to post this with the word "Gluehwuermchen" (glowworm, firefly) spelled the German way, means with "ü" instead of that workaround "ue", but dpr told me they "don't allow that kind of language here"! LOL!

(But, my dear dpr system: if I really wanted to post it with "ü" I knew how to do it!)

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