G1X - ideal sd card and how many for 2 1/2 week vacation?

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Re: G1X - ideal sd card and how many for 2 1/2 week vacation?

I have used many different, mostly least expensive cards over last 7-8 yrs and really do not recall ever to have a problem with any card going bad after initially working (I think I had 1 card that didn't work from the beginning and had to exchange it). As far as losing the cards: If I had 4 x 8GB cards, I would say the chances are pretty good I would misplace one or two and had done it in the past, but usually find it later, never the less chances are with that many small cards, some could get lost. With 1x 32GB card I would never need to take it out and therefore I would actually have to loose my camera to loose the card and at that point I would not worry about lost pictures anymore.

So I use 32 GB cards in my 2 cameras at all times but do have whole bunch of smaller cards from older cameras as a backup, you name it I have it 1GB, 2Gb, few 4GB, 8GB and 16GB and if I found any way to exchange them for another 32 GB I would do it in a heart bit. One of the reasons I don't like small cards is that often enough you run out of space at the worst possible time (when you see something interesting is happening and you shoot a lot) and changing them could mean missing some action. You would think 32 GB is way too much space (10k or so jpeg, much less if raw), but if you start shooting HD video, the space is disappearing like snow on sunny warm spring day.

Bottom line: I would buy largest card still reasonably priced, probably 32GB at the moment, few yrs down the road they will seem as small as the 1GB and 2GB cards I bought few years ago.

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