New 7D Firmware Up- Um dang!

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Re: New 7D Firmware Up- Um dang!

That you posted this under my reply seems to suggest I was complaining about the update, when what I wrote is, "it's about time." I frankly anticipated this update, knowing that Canon has been very sensible in terms of offering firmware updates across its product lines. That's what prompted me to say it's about time.

While I am at it, is there any part of the world where there are people who do not complain? I say it's a free world, this forum is in fact hosted in a free country hence let them rant, rave, curse, whatever. I would rather that they have an opinion and express it. That's why it's called a forum. To assume that all posters should meet a certain "expectation bar" is simply not going to work. And just as you were able to freely give your view, an equal opportunity is given to those who whine endlessly.

Lastly, back to the original thread, with this software update, I must say it will be harder to part ways with my 7D

paulbysea wrote:

I am amazed at some of the posts here.

They complain about a free upgrade to their camera. They show a degree of ignorance about how software can exploit hardware through clever coding. In the general population I would expect this. In a gear head forum I would expect more from people posting.

As a previous poster said. software gets better, when it does it can exploit the hardware it runs on to a fuller extent. Why do you think software companies keep releasing updates to software? Sure part of it is to fix bugs, add features, alongside this though is because they have found away to increase performance on the same hardware.

I am looking forward to having this FREE upgrade to my camera and I THANK Canon for it. The moaners, well go take a hike or buy another brand of camera if you are so unhappy with Canon.

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