Is it safe to by an S100?

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Show us your non-"meh," unedited s95 photos

keeponkeepingon wrote:

gail wrote:

wellred wrote:

Exactly. All of the S100 lenses have a problem and are more likely to break.

But canon won't touch it until it will actually breaks.

I'm a little sour on canon from this whole issue.

I am an Original S100, S50, SD780, 300HS, S95, 2011 S100, SX40, 350D and T2i owner and I will likely "jump ship" after my current crop of cannon die. Their quality just keeps on sliding downhill.

I've had at least a dozen Canon cameras and never had a problem except one, the SD4000 had a spot that appeared in photos. My XSi is still going strong, as are my S90 and SD890. I still use my SD700, one of the best, well-built digital cameras I've ever owned.

Still, if you're unhappy with Canon cameras, get another brand. Thankfully, there are a lot of other choices.

Regarding the S100 as a camera, regardless of breakyness, I am not thrilled with the IQ. I produce far more "keepers" with my S95. Gails chopped up and photoshopped pictures above are a good example of what I don't like about the S100.

Well, I'm thrilled with the image quality in all but the lowest light. No problem really since I take 99% of my photos in good light. I edit ALL my photos, no matter what brand or model...even photos taken with my S90!

My father was a pro photographer and he developed, burned, dodged, cropped, etc every photo he took. The main difference is that he used primarily chemicals. Today many use the digital darkroom.

Yeah, for some, processing is a drag. Photo processing is used so little, I'm sure makers of programs like Photoshop, Elements, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, etc. will soon be out of business. And surely, the Retouching Forum is a waste.

Very "meh" image quality.

Give me a link to your online S95 photo gallery. I'd love to see your non-"meh," unedited photos.

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