New graphics card for 2009 Mac Pro?

Started Jul 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
Yidahoo Regular Member • Posts: 344
Re: New graphics card for 2009 Mac Pro?

If you are running snow leopard or above, you can put a generic Radeon 6870 in the 09 Mac Pro, I have done so. It will run almost perfectly without the need for the Rom to be flashed and will cost 1/3 of the price Apple charges for graphic card updates. The only thing you will not have is the Apple logo on boot. My original card was the GT120, this is now the secondary card driving another monitor. In terms of speed, I do a lot of FCPX HD video work as well as Aperture and the difference was night and day for FCPX and a definite improvement in Aperture.

This is a great site for information on how to put a non apple graphics card in a Mac Pro


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