Jeff Pevar concert with 5Dmk3+16-35mm f2.8mk2

Started Jun 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Jeff Pevar concert with 5Dmk3+16-35mm f2.8mk2

UWA, I love that I guess i could not do only with this lens, but I like to see something a bit different from the usual angles ! I almost did a concert in June, I was planning to use only two lenses, a 24mm F1.4 and a 135mm F2. The 16-35mm seems to be a great lens for the 5D3, but I was low on budget (especially after buying the 5DIII & 24mm...), so I bought a 17-40mm instead. I can shoot with less light, but you have a more versatile range. That makes me want to consider this lens even more ! But I can't bring a dozen lens.

Then if you want some more comments :

1st pic, I think it would have been better to take this one from a higher point. With this wide angle, it makes his legs a bit too big to my taste. But i guess it was probably impossible to shoot from higher.

The 5th one, the effect is a bit too strong. I try this kind of photo quite often, but I think it works better if the effect is not too obvious. (and of course, I took tons where it's too strong, I'm not doing really any better most of the time

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