Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

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Public space, no expectation of privacy, no right to demand or command people do as he wants them to. If he put up a sign saying "SILENCE! NO TALKING ALLOWED!" would people be obligated to obey it? Would people meekly obey the out-of-control cop who is beating the crap out of someone when he says "STOP RECORDING!" (maybe, unless you too want the crap beaten out of you) - I find it disheartening that not only are people more like sheep, but also that common courtesy seems to be disappearing - this situation perhaps could have been defused and handled better. There are already remedies under the law if any copyright laws are broken - do we just ignore the law now for a situation like this? If so, why?

Graystar wrote:

...is that the booth operator was wrong (and rude) for putting up a "no photography" sign in a place where people clearly have the right to photograph. We all get in an uproar when a cop tries to stop someone from taking pictures in a public place, but yet for some reason there are posters giving this guy a free pass at limiting our rights. I don't understand where this double standard comes from.


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