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Re: Majestic

richygm wrote:

I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of dpreview members who've heard of Beethoven. I used to think I was the only intellectual here. It's nice to be proved wrong.

It's amazing how well know Beethoven is beyond the concert hall. The square jaw, the long hair out of control, the scowl, Beethoven's image is almost as familiar as Da-Da-Da-Dum. He is all over TV (commercials, Judge Judy, the old Huntley-Brinkley show), popular music, including heavy metal and rap, films, and of course Peanuts cartoons. What I find pleasantly surprising about this thread is how many dpreview members are familiar with the symphonies themselves.


(Self-aggrandizing full disclosure: I just wrote a book entitled, "Beethoven in America."

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