FZ30 replacement?

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Re: FZ30 replacement?

battlemac wrote:

Ronald A Yorko wrote:

Yes, overall, the image quality of the FZ150 comes close to a dslr.

I don't think that is true at all. You can get some amazing images that the FZ150 right now sadly could not match, with some of that doing with the phase detection AF. Sure it would be hard to get a lens to match the tele of the FZ150(though you can crop to get kind of close), nor match the FZ150's zoom range. The FZ150 is arguably best in class, but hardly close to DSLR(at least most of the time).

Or if you really have the coin GH1/2 with the kit 14-140mm lens. With that package you never really have a reason to take the lens off.

I have not tried the FZ150 so I can't testify on how it compares. The thing that's stopped me from getting one to at least try out is the low-res viewfinder. Waiting for the replacement to see if they fix that shortcoming.

However I have used the GH1 with the 14-140 lens for the past couple of years and it seems to be a good FZ30 replacement. That lens covers 98% of my shooting needs. I love the detailed and bright EVF - tried out my daugher-in-law's Canon SLR a little yesterday and was depressed by the dim optical view finder.

Interestingly, just yesterday (4th of July) the batteries on my GH1 were dead and while they were charging, I hauled out my old FZ30 as backup. Jeez, what a dog! Sooo sloooow to focus and shoot. And I remember when I first got the FZ30 how much faster it was than my old Olympus 2100. I did appreciate the greater zoom reach but it wasn't worth sacrificing the responsiveness of the GH1.

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