Fuji W3........impressions after 6 months use

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Re: Fuji W3........impressions after 6 months use

I got the W3 and use it quite often. I display my shots on the 3D V3 digital frame from Fuji for sale on Amazon--its display is like the back of the camera, but larger.
I never had to adjust the pictures to get a nice 3d effect.

Most of my shots are outdoors in well lit areas, not overly close to the subject, and I find that the camera does quite well.

I don't think Fuji will replace the camera. I get no sense that sales are good, and the camera is not marketed well. I will never understand why Fuji doesn't tie in with a 3D television manufacturer.

I, too, used the Kodak Realist and loved it, but hated mounting the slides. I hope that there will someday be a high quality digital 3D replacement. Until then, the point and shoot Fuji seems to do well, especially on the setting that takes two pictures in quick succession, one with flash and one without. Usually one of the shots is decent.

I also have a Sony that takes 3D panoramics (many of their cameras have this function) and the files are also stored as MPO, which seems to be the 3D standard. My a65 takes very high quality shots in both 2d and 3d. You may wish to try it out.

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