anyone else have consistent problems with firmware upgrades

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Re: anyone else have consistent problems with firmware upgrades

Sorry, but your instructions will not work as line 1 is inadequate. I know what you mean to say but this is all about precise instructions.

FFF wrote:

FWIW, my proc:

  • using a 8GB card since day 1,

  • open the downloaded firmware file in explorer

  • drill down into the folder-tree until i see the ... launch.. files,

  • copy all files on this level

  • connect cam via usb

  • wait for explorer to show the content of card

  • paste to root, (overwriting any equally named files...)

  • remove cam from pc (using "remove hardware!")

  • hold "+" and replay button until lcd shows the firmware version and asks for update

-> accept and be done.

Never bothered to format etc. Keep in mind not to start with near empty battery nor "full" card and nothing should go wrong. Just in case, keep an eye to antivirus software, my new Norton likes to silently kill files it doesn't like ;-(


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