12-35 compliment or replace primes?

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12-35 compliment or replace primes?

Initial thoughts on the lens:

Really nice solid build
Fits well on a G3
Smooth focus and zoom rings
OS seems to work well
Focus is very quick
Minimum focus of 25cm (from memory) makes it good for close up work
Nice bokeh at 35mm together with close focus

Good focal length range although longer would be more versatile, probably this would make it heavier and bigger or slower....

Noticeably slower than the PL25 in 'real world' use - I find the extra two stops make a critical difference for indoor / low light.
It's too early to comment on the IQ other than it's clearly pretty good.

Overall I'm really pleased with the lens, I love the primes but there are times when you don't want to be changing lenses. I was at a Wedding last weekend and it would have been ideal, as it was I changed lenses 20odd times during the day: 7-14, 25, 45 & 45-175 all saw action. If I had the zoom I think this would have done the job until the evening when I'd switch to the PL25, I might have used the tele too but certainly less lens changing...

Do you think it will replace or compliment the primes?

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