Resolution - my take

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Resolution - my take

We've seen so many arguments about needing or not huge resolution. I read those threads and to be honest most of the arguments, on either side, seem baloney to me.

First a little story. I went to a baby shop in a local mall. The shop had a wall size wallpaper of a baby. The baby head was 3 times biger than mine, this print was huge.

I analized the print from a few inches, it was crazy sharp, no artifacts and stunning details, I could count hair on the baby's face, not only eyelashes. Yes, if you stared enough, you could see individual pixels, but that has nothing to do with image quality. I knew the photographer so I sent him an email, asking how he shot that photo. It was shot on a Canon 5D MK I, at ISO 50, using the 70-200mm II in his studio.

Now can you blame me if I always laugh when I see some people here saying you can't print a XX x XX from a 12mp camera ?

So why do we need higher MP cameras when you can print on buildings from a low MP cameras and it looks great if seen from a reasonable, sane distance ?

Well, I think the biggest reason is to be able to hide flaws. Sure, shooting at the lowest ISO, with the sharpest lens set at it's best, at a very safe shutter speed, while creating the contrast you want by manipulating light in your studio can produce stunning photos usable for anything, even using a low MP camera.

But what about when you shoot in less than ideal conditions ? You need to bump up the ISO, losing quality with every step. You have to lower your SS, risking not so sharp photos. Natural light is almost always not perfect for what you're shooting, and the light can make a huge difference in the amount of detail you capture. Add a little shutter vibration in the mix too. Think wedding photographers.

A high MP camera will show all the flaws at 100%, and more flaws than the low MP camera. But it will hide them when resizing.

I shoot at 16 MP and viewing the photos on my 24' monitor, they look great. Some of them show a little motion blur or a bit of noise on the mid-ISO ones, or slight miss-focus when viewed at 100%, but they look great when downscaled for my monitor. Compare that to my 5MP photos from my old cameras, where you can see every single noise pixel or not in focus pixel, because those photos on my monitor are at 100%

Many people watch their photos on their monitors. High resolution monitors already ship, and will become standard in a few years. How will we view our ,,5MP is enough,, photos on future monitors ? They will probably look like crap, exept maybe for the ones in perfect light at lowest ISO and in perfect focus.

So I think more MP is not only better, but already needed.

More about this coming soon.

Canon EOS 5D
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