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Re: We can only dream for now.

rf-design wrote:

It is true that the current lenses are better matched to FF if they are designed for. But they are mostly not designed for the actual pixel density. So I expect that new lens designs are prefered for APS-C. To me it seems that FF provide only in low light situations a one stop advantage. A 1.4/50mm gives in principle not more resolution than a 1.4/30mm wide open. That is because if both are similar they are limited by geometrical abberations. So you get one stop advantage. If you need at the same time more deep of focus there is no significant advantage for FF, both in terms of noise and resolution.

A 50mm f/2 full frame and a 30mm f/1.4 aps/c might be similar as far as resolution, light gathering power and depth of field goes, but the 50 f/2 is simpler to design, cheaper, and ends up having better overall image quality, is more telecentric with less micro-lens vignetting, etc

A large exit aperture is a problem! This has implications in lens design and availability. For example, where is the high quality 24-105 f/4 equivalent for aps/c, which would have to be 16-70 f/2.6 ?

As you go up into medium format you can work with modest relative apertures and still get shallow depth of field. This is a real advantage in practice and translates into better overall image quality.

So, size matters and might even reduce total system cost while upgrading quality

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