650d vs 600d in the Studio Scene comparison

Started Jul 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
Corne Ferreira Contributing Member • Posts: 656
Re: 650d vs 600d in the Studio Scene comparison

I dont see what you guys do, look at the fur above the old girl on the money, the paperclips.... change the comparison to the 550, 7d, 600 and you will see a slight improvment with the 7D being the softest 550 next 600 and 650 pretty much the same. the camera is not set perfectly paralel to the scene this is easy to spot with the paterns top left and right.

I have both 7d and 650 and so far I prefer the results from the 650 it is very marginal but I find it has less noise at lower ISOs and maybe not less noise at higher ISOs but you need less sharpning and this puts it on par for the end results.

focus performance the 7D is still king for speed esp in low light but the focus seems more reliable at this stage for pin point accuracy. this could just be new broom syndrom though. Ill do a proper test this weekend in low light and day light near and far I know tracking the 7D will be better.

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