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Re: Won't happen. Alas!

The current SD1 is stuck in relation to it's Bayercompetitors where the SD14 was as it came out and where the SD10 was at it's best times. You get 1,5 of it's nominal resolution plus the Foveon clarity, minus high ISO capacity, minus writespeed and fps. That's been the equation pretty much all the time a new SD came out. THe SD1 had the chance to break this cycle and have an advantage over Bayer for at least a year or so before Bayer cameras with better specs came out like the D800. Pretty soon the D600 will arrive for let's say 1500-1800 bucks, delivering equal Bayer resulution with way better High ISO capabilities, fast fps, large buffer, dual card slot and software compatibility.

The SD1 launch was goofed up by the high price, which not only made it a non seller but also took away customers conidence.

If SIGMA want's to get attractive for customers again, they shoud come off their track trying to become a high priced company and build good products for a widely more attractive price in comparison to their competitors. Also lenses should get cheaper get more traction in the market.

If the next SD is full frame, it will likely function according to the above equation. If high ISO can get better to deliver clean shadows with good detail, low noise and good color from 400-1600 it would be a big improvement. They have to try to launch ot at least a year before Bayer competition and at a very attractive pricepoint. Otherwise they will never get out of the hole.

If the marketing strategy of the SD1 is what goes on behind the scenes, SIGMA will loose more customers. Since going to astronomic prices with a product of which you think it will be a winner will place them in a position where all customer trust will be lost, since no one will buy from a company that leaves you in the rain.

For my part I'm into NIKON and I'm really torn between the D800 and SD1. If the SD1 price fiasco would not have taken place the SD1 had a clear advantage. But now I'm suspicious something like this will happen again and I'm left with SIGMA Glass and a new body option at an unaffordable price range. It's not directly blackmailing, but not very customer friendly either. So for the time beeing it's clearly advantage NIKON.

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