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Building a FF foveon will be not more complicated than building the actual 1.5 Foveon.

Actually, our 1.5 foveon do have very small sensels. Carving very small sensels is costly and a pain in the ass (especially when you do it kinda alone like SIGMA).

Building actual FF like D700 or 5DII is, by far, as difficult as building actual Merrill Foveon because of the 3 layers.

Actually, on hearth at least, the 1.3 APS-H format made by Canon (and some other brands) is the biggest sensor who can be made in 1 ONE "step". All sensors, from tiny pinhole to APS-H are made in only one step, which is why they "should be inexpensive".

For FF, there is more than one step to produce 1 sensor. There is 3 steps, like the 3 layers in the foveon. This is why they are more expensive than APS-C and APS-H (maybe not anymore with the venture of "cheap-eco" sensors sold by Sony to every body who is ok back the pants).

A 15 MP FF foveon can be less difficult to achieve than the actual Merrill generation.

Just need probably new machines and new Body.


If you go in this venture, you must do a FF DP. This is obligatory !!

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