Are you happy to take pictures just using a rear screen?

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Re: Are you happy to take pictures just using a rear screen?

Might not have to make a neo-wireframe, not all. Because Olympus already put one on the XZ-1... sort of.

Turns out, holding the camera to your face à la DSLR, that if you sight down the left-inside of the hotshoe, you'll see a blur -- but a blur you can line up with the subject and get a picture that is -- at 28mm equiv -- roughly centered in the frame. See pic below.

Or, you can pop up the flash, and then sight between the right edge of the flash and the left side of the hotshoe.

Now, this isn't perfect. But then, as the Iranians said about their rugs in the 12th century (300 silk knots per inch), perfection is reserved for almighty God, so don't worry about it.

For those of you who want to instantly take sports or racing car shots, you could try this on any camera with a hotshoe -- or something sticking out a little above the top of the camera.

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