Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

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The guys in a public place. He's blocking the street. He made a choice to appear in public, conspicuously. He's trying to make money off the public, but putting rules and conditions on it.

Scr*w him. Putting up a stupid little sign doesn't give him any special rights. It doesn't give him the right to yell at people. And it doesn't give him the right to ask people to delete photos.

If he's a raving paranoid, stay out of public places, and don't do business with the public. Bet his little tantrum did his business a lot of good.

Tell you what. I'm going to put up a little sign stating all the condition you have to obey around me. Maybe make a t-shirt. No photography, no cell phones, no texting within 10-feet, no loud talking, no tattoos. Don't like it, I'll cuss you out. Because you're being rude by not following my rules, the ones I so clearly posted to the world.

I Cant Believe Its Not Butter wrote:

I went to a local street fair this morning and was taking some pictures of some of the booths. One booth had a 'No Photography' sign at the bottom of the booth, but I took a picture anyway. I was not just taking a picture of his booth, but of others also.

Most people were nice about it. This one guy came over and yelled at me saying that I must delete the picture that I took. I then asked him to quote the law that I violated because I was on a public street.

He then cussed me out and told me to get lost. I just laughed and went on my merry way.

Why do these idiots think that they can control our rights to photography?

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