Is it safe to by an S100?

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Gail...Beautiful Images ...You Show How Wonderful The S100 Is In

your wonderfully talented hands. I wish that I had your talent....

Kudos to Canon for admitting to the problem and standing behind its product even out of warranty. With a company as reputable as Canon I would not hesitate at all.

If it should need repair, they clearly will do what is right and fair...


gail wrote:

I couldn't be happier with the s100. I've taken thousands of photos and test photos with it since buying it last October. I've not had one problem with the cameras and neither have many others.

Yes, there harve been some lens issues, but now that Canon has acknowledged and promised to fix it, I'd have confidence buying the S100 knowing that IF I had factory fault issue with the lens, it would be fixed for free.

Quite frankly, you can have problems with any brand digital camera.

I would have no problem buying a s100 today, however if you're going to constantly worry that something will go wrong you'll never be happy with it so the better route may be to look for a different brand camera.

Sorry, I have no experience with the Nikon P310.

All the best with whichever camera you decide to buy.
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