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Re: We can only dream for now.

Paul Petersen wrote:

Sorry but there is no know activity that we know of. Sigma is running seriously thin in the margin department building the Foveon only for its own cameras that sell in small volumes. Also the sensor is difficult to manufacture using multiple epitaxial layers to create the vertical color array.

The CEO Yamaki-sam has publicly stated it as their dream to build the sensor as a full frame. It would be a world beater considering the resolution the SD1 can generate. With 2.25X the surface area no current FF sensor could begin to touch it.

I agree with Paul, it is a wish they (Sigma) have and are working towards, but nobody knows the time table. Why you ask? Sigma recently changed their process in creating a sensor about 2 years ago after they purchased Foveon which should shorten their plan to product transition phase is shorten, but it is still too early to tell by how much and start to make predictions on how long it will take.

I personally hope that their full frame sensor (if that is their next sensor and not another crop like a 1.3) is not 2.25x the resolution of their current sensor. I think the pixel density is too high for me, most of my EX (Pro Glass, like L series) lenses wouldn't be great for such a high resolution sensor. I rather a little sacrifice of pixels for a more usable sensor overall that would allow a little better ISO sensitivity with higher quality (each ISO step will have better image quality) and faster operation (more photos fit in the buffer). 25mp to 28mp full frame would be awesome, I would jump at the camera very quickly

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