Fuji X10 or Olympus XZ-1 ??

Started Jul 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Robmac07 Regular Member • Posts: 155
Re: Fuji X10 or Olympus XZ-1 ??

Having owned and used an XZ-1 for nearly 9 months , I ended up selling it. I'd rather have a late model ('orbless?') X10 due to the feel, controls, manual zoom, viewfinder, better movies, and Fuji colors. Many folks love Oly color but I don't like it as much as Fuji (personal preference). Also you really have to use RAW with the XZ1 due to it's excessive noise reduction and detail loss in jpegs. The Zuiko lens is wonderful, bright and sharp, however. The XZ1 movie mode is terrible. So I'd go for a late X10. (all my other cameras are Fuji so I guess I'm a little biased )

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