IS DPR Really Just A Mental Ward?

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IS DPR Really Just A Mental Ward?

There are a lot of very nice people here, and a lot of very knowledgeable folks too. And there are many who combine the two, and generously share their knowledge with others. This site used to be a fun and friendly place.

But lately, it sometimes seems like this place has been taken over by the inmates of a mental institution. Is anyone else tired of the following?

(1) People like Eugene (or whatever he's calling himself this week) who seem to desire nothing but to insult others.

(2) People who ask for help, (and demonstrate how little they know by their questions), and then when people sincerely try to help, they respond with arrogance, insults, etc.

(3) People who insist that what they want in a camera, lens, flash, etc., is what everyone else should want, and if someone wants something different, they are stupid.

(4) People who insist that Camera X is perfect, that there are no defective versions (mine works, so yours must work too), that it could not possibly be improved, and anyone who wishes it worked differently is a communist.

(5) People who insist that Camera X is defective and a piece of garbage because they don't understand how to use it, they don't believe they should have to read the manual, or they don't like the way the manufacturer designed it.

(6) People who simply seem to be cruising, looking for a fight: The D90, D7K, D800, etc., stink, all Canons are better than any whatever, Primes rule, anyone who buys anything but a Zoom is a moron, all portraits must be taken with a flash, NO portrait should be taken with anything but natural light, etc.

(7) People who are here only for the joy of the argument. I call them the rabid Pit Bulls of DPR. They have no desire to actually exchange information. They have no interest in finding the truth of a matter. All they care about is feeding their egos by appearing in the own eyes, to win the argument. And they are willing to do anything to win. They might have even agreed with their opponent if they had really listened to each other. But it is so much more fun to go for the throat, and draw blood!

(8) People who respond to any honest differences of opinion with personal attacks, and assumptions that the OP has some evil purpose behind their comments.

I could go on, but I'm making myself sick. Do the majority of you people really like what this place has become? I believe the owners of this site should institute some form of monitoring and control. They make money from this site because we come here. If this place didn't attract people who spend money on photo gear, their revenue stream would disappear over night.

I think we should demand that the owners clean this place up. If they refuse, we should contact their advertisers and complain to them. We can also find other web sites. I do not intend this as a threat. I'm hoping the owners are responsive., It is in their own best interest. But if not, a nose-dive in revenues should wake them up. Is anyone else with me, or are we all so complacent that we are willing to allow the inmates to run this place?

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