Went to a local Street Fair - No Photography

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Re: And you achieved what by doing this ?

sjgcit wrote:

Most people were nice about it.

Except you, I think.

This one guy came over and yelled at me saying that I must delete the picture that I took. I then asked him to quote the law that I violated because I was on a public street.

So someone expected you to not photograph them because they had a sign up saying "no photography", but you "struck a blow for freedom" ( check your ego at the entrance next time ) and did it anyway.

Maybe I would have deleted the picture if he had asked nicely. I didn't photograph "them", I took a photo of the booth he was in from a distance.

And he was angry because you ignored what he wanted and just did whatever made you happy.

He ordered me to delete the photo and was extremely rude. I'm sure in his eyes, I was rude by taking the picture, but it happened. If I told him that I had a rule that he couldn't walk on the sidewalk because I put up a sign, he would have told me to pound sand.

And when he asked for you to delete that incredibly important snap, you said no.

Read my above response as to why I said no.

Do the words "common courtesy" ring a bell ?

Sure it does, but it goes both ways.

Ghandi would be so proud of you. Not.

I guess it's a good thing that Ghadni wasn't there!

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