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Re: computer upgrade

The Special Edition includes the solid state drive (SSD), which is the main reason it cost more. The SSD is supposed to boot faster and run programs faster. However, the memory and processor are your two biggest factors for image editing. The SSD is very nice, but only 32 GB I believe. Which would allow for your OS and Photoshop to be installed on the SSD, but not a lot of storage space for pictures. So you would store your pictures on the regular hard drive, so as far as processing, the speed from the SSD would not be a factor.

In fact, I read today that the SSD write speed is slower than a regular hard drive, which means if you were editing and saving photos that were stored on the SSD, it would actually take longer (not much, I would think).

Anyway, I just ordered my Dell 8500 with 16 GB memory and the Nvidia 640 video card, I7 processor. I did not get the SSD, as I wasn't sure it was worth the extra money. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PURCHASE.

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