D700 and 85mm 1.4G

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Re: D700 and 85mm 1.4G

You're wrong on many points:

1. They were not crops taken out of any social shots. I was sitting right across from my subjects, hence the close-ups.

2. Your assumption that these were my best shots is also dead wrong. I don't consider any of my shots (thousands of them) "best" or "good" by any stretch. I consider them the shots that I was keen to take for whatever personal reasons I had when they were taken & taken with what whatever tools & or skills (or lack thereof) I had. The shots I uploaded were taken with the 85mm lens I just got which I happened to like a lot.

3. I said nothing about Les' shot being technically inferior. He was telling me that the photos I posted are uninspiring; I found his boring so his photo failed to prove his points or educate me in any way. By the way, I find yours just as boring: It doesn't teach me anything; I have hundreds of similar shots.

But you were right about 1 thing: I was giddy about the 85 f1.4 lens, hence the posts. As for your boast about taking great shots with much less-expensive gear: all the power to you & I'll have take your words for it for now.


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