When will we have a digital equivalent of the Yashica T4?

Started Jul 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
rfclark Contributing Member • Posts: 589
We *do* have a digital equivalent of the Yashica T4?/Olympus XA

Yes, I too miss my little Olympus XA (but less and less each year! Sold it on e-bay when it was still worth something)

That little unit performed beautifully as a 35 mm with a prime lens, and really compact...

But...manual focusing, basic metering, no flash (unless you added the optional unit)

So here we are in 2012...excellent point and shoot cameras by several makers...same size physically, but with zooms, image stabilization, scene modes, white balance adjustment, adjustable iso, video, shot capacity limited only by memory card capacity, etc.
Thanks to the digital revolution!

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