suggestions for a 24-27" monitor

Started Jul 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: suggestions for a 24-27" monitor

In the office, I use a Dell U2711. I bought it because I needed dual inputs... one for my Lenovo X201 and a second for my Apple 11" MacBook Air.

At home, I use Apple's Thuderbolt Display. As stated above, it uses the same panel as the Dell... but it has a glossy screen.

Personally, I like the ATD better than the Dell. In my case, I can control the light to avoid a window reflecting off of the screen. If you cannot control your room lighting, you might prefer the Dell.

I find the anti-glare on the Dell to give the monitor a softer look. Text in particular does not appear to be as crisp as the Apple.


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