LR 4 - Folder Question

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Re: LR 4 - Folder Question

richardplondon wrote:

The resolution, in this case, is to inform LR about the new location of the image concerned. This can be done image-by-image (you just re-browse to the new location) or the same for a given folder, or the same in one operation for an entire tree of folders complete with subfolders and their contents, if that is what you have moved. Then each edited image will automatically re-connect with its related file on disk, and all of the functions which had gone "offline", will automatically wake up again.

I didn't know that! I moved some images accidentally, and then synchronised the original folder before I realised what I'd done. Moving the images back didn't recover the edits. Since then I've been more careful, but I do have a program I use that moves photos into sub-folders to group them by geographic location. I'll experiment some more. Thanks.

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