NEX-7 New User Initial Thoughts

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Re: NEX-7 New User Initial Thoughts

We are all different for sure Vince.

Never looked at any instructions for any camera to be honest. Never even loaded the CD's that come with them, they are still all sealed :).

I only got the 7 for a few reasons. The IQ, the ability to take MF legacy lenses with glassless adaptors (still don't own a Sony lens, probably never will) and because of the IQ I can crop the heck out of that sensor. The only other reason I go it, is that the shutter opens and closes :).

So besides those, the bonus for me has been the burst rate and focus peaking. Otherwise its just another box to me. It simply takes what the lens sees. So for me the lenses are far more important than the box or its menus. I will never use 95% of what it has for features.

All the best Vince and just give it a little time to get used to.

Birds and macro. NEX and m4/3

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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