LX6 - The Next Big Thing

Started May 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: LX6 - Price point is important

The Fuji X10, while a nice camera, I have heard is a sales flop at the $650 MSRP.

Sony will likely be the same at $650 MSRP

Didn't see a MSRP on the Samsung.

The LX5 successor needs to keep the LX5 price point. Giving me a better camera, for more money, is not progress. Crossing the $600 price point puts you squarely in m4/3 or equivalent (Nikon 1 series) territory .

Give me a decent upgrade at the $400ish price point and I am happy - ditch the EVF to keep the price down (but make it available as an add-on as per the existing camera).

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