Buying a new 70-200mm VR II... got a few questions

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Re: Buying a new 70-200mm VR II... got a few questions


fabgo wrote:

For wedding use the 70-200/2.8 should be a great choice. So would the 24-70/2.8. This is because they focus so extremely fast, and are very versatile. I would get those two zooms and skip the 85.

This kind of pro glass holds its value very well (at least in the US). I would do a cost-benefit calculation assuming 4 or maybe 5 years ownership. Estimate a resale value and see how that compares price-wise to renting these lenses 3-4 times a year. Add in the cost of doing four 300km round-trips a year just to get to the rental center (fuel, car wear, plus the cost of your time), and see where you end up.

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